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We are passionate about creating opportunities to support the businesses of the future to grow and evolve.

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Who are we
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Curiosity and passion are behind Summit Capital’s drive to help the businesses of the future innovate, evolve and grow.

We partner with startups and early-stage companies to provide financial support and a pool of talented human resources to help drive their growth trajectory.

Big ideas start small, and resourcing – both financial and people – can be difficult hurdles for business founders to overcome. We support unconventional and exceptional ideas (and the minds that create them) to build sustainable and prosperous businesses.

Summit Capital brings together our years of experience, diverse backgrounds and career expertise to assist business founders grow exponentially and achieve financial success.

There are no limits.
There are no limits.
There are no limits.
There are no limits.
There are no limits.
There are no limits.
There are no limits.
There are no limits.

What we look for

Venture capital firms Brisbane | Summit Capital
Businesses that offer unique solutions that meet needs and provide answers to a problem.
Summit Capital | Venture capital firms Brisbane
We look for the exceptional and the unconventional, the ideas that stand out and just feels right.

If this sounds like you, pitch to us.

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